epop 756 2020-02-28 不是再见,而是以另一种方式与大家继续玩娱乐

epop 756 2020-02-28 不是再见,而是以另一种方式与大家继续玩娱乐

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衷心感谢每一位e饭们❤ 谢谢你的陪伴,每一位e饭都是这段回忆里的一份子! 期待在未来的某一天,epop & e饭们会在更好的时候遇见彼此。 记得哟~小编们依旧会在www.epop.my与大家一起。 不是再见,而是以另外一种方式继续玩娱乐! 送 3张双页大海报 #陈情令 大海报 #三生三世枕上书 大海报 #吴亦凡 大海报 #黄子韬 大海报 #任嘉伦 大海报 #陈立农 大海报

E-pop is a dynamic and stylish Chinese magazine that is bursting with excitement. It covers the entertainment scene in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the West. Giving the scoop on the latest happenings, it is not only informative but also highly interactive, as a platform of connectivity for the reader’s community – aged below – 25. It is packaged with editorial contents that include entertainment news, juicy celebrity gossips, fun games and exciting contests. In other words, E-pop is a targeted platform for your brand exposure to the very pulse of the trendy youths.

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