Strata OMG (Owner’s Manual & Guidebook) by Chris Tan

Strata OMG (Owner’s Manual & Guidebook) by Chris Tan

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1 out of 4 Malaysians live in a strata development in Peninsular Malaysia, but no matter how much you pay for your property, there is no instruction manual that comes it. We all presume that we know how to live and use it until you reach a moment of “OMG”.

Grab your copy of “O”wner’s “M”anual and “G”uidebook NOW to understand your rights and obligations as a strata homebuyer, you will start to enjoy the abundance of strata living.

As you are reading this, there is probably more than 25% chance that this is the book that you MUST own it.

Go on and seriously read the following keywords one by one and just observe your emotion as you are reading it into your mind:

“Service Charges, Sinking Fund, House Rules, Voting Rights, Common Property, Access Cards, Management Office, Visitor Car Parks, Maintenance, Common Facilities, Commissioner of Building, Office Bearer, AGM, Developer, Strata Title, Joint Management Body (JMB), Quorum, Security, Election, Proxy, Management Corporation (MC), Corporate Representative, Strata Management Tribunal, Audited Property, Management Accounts……..”

YES, experiencing any form of connection just now is a sign that is more than 50% chance that you will click “add to cart”.

NOW, check the following statements

I live or operate in Peninsular Malaysia.
I stay or operate in a property with common property, common facility and a functional guardhouse with security guards.
I pay service charge and sinking fund.
I deal with the management office (Developer, JMB or MC).
I own or rent or about to buy or rent a property like that.

Be my guest and PERMIT yourself to be informed and then to enjoy the optimum benefits of this prevailing model of community living – STRATA. That’s RIGHT!

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