The Durian Tourist’s Guide to Penang (ENG) by Lindsay Gasik

The Durian Tourist’s Guide to Penang (ENG) by Lindsay Gasik

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Author:Lindsay Gasik
Publication Date:2018-07-01

To help you, dear Durian Lover, become a true durian connoisseur of Penang’s many delicious and diverse durians.

Identification guide to over 25 Penang Durian Varieties
Vivid full-color photos and engaging stories about durian people and places
Descriptions of durian farms, farmstays, and stalls to visit
Tips for choosing good durian and avoiding bad durian

The Penang Durian Guide is organized into 7 convenient chapters for all your durian-munching needs. Here’s a look at the Table of Contents:

Introducing Penang
Getting To and Around Penang
Where To Stay and Durian Farmstays
Sample 4-Day Durian Itinerary
A Durian History
Buying Durian
When To Go For Penang Durian Season
Guide to Off-Season Durian
Where To Buy Durian
How To Buy Durian
Step By Step at a Durian Stall
When to Reject Durian
When to Buy Pre-Packaged Durian
How to take Durian Home
Tasting Durian
Why Durian Tastes Like Durian (Science Stuff)
Why Old Tree Matters
Terroir of Penang
Choosing Durian
Choosing Good Durian
Avoiding Bad Durian
Varieties By Flavor and Texture
Identifying Durians
Durian Hunter’s Checklist
How to Identify Different Varieties
The Durian Field Guide (26 Durian Varieties)
Finding Durian: Stalls and Farms
George Town Durian Stalls and Walking Tour
The Middle: Air Itam to Balik Pulau
The Northwest: Batu Ferringhi to Balik Pulau
The South: Bayan Lepas to Kampung Genting
The Mainland: Seberang Perai
Durian Cuisine
Citations and References

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