UBTECH Alpha1 Pro

UBTECH Alpha1 Pro

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The new generation with new appearance and joints to bring you better and smoother experience.

Alpha 1 Pro is a household programmable humanoid robot that can be used for education and entertainment. Its perfectly designed, high-precision servo joints. 3D visual programming software and PRP (Pose, Record & Playback) function are seamlessly controlled in one App. Alpha 1P is so much more than a piece of motorized plastic . . . his personality and his life-like human movements make him a member of the family. Humanoid bipedal movement simulation, small body with full degrees of freedom, 16 high-torque digital robotic servos create fluid and precise movement allowing the robot to be as flexible as a human.

Dimension                 H:398mm W:208mm D:122mm

Degree of freedom   16 degrees of freedom

Material                     Aluminum alloy structure, ABS housing

Speaker                     3W Mono

Processor                  STM32-F103RDT6

Storage                      Standard 128M, maximum support up to 32G

Control mode            Dual-mode Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 BLE+EDR

Battery                       7.4v 2200mAh

Play time                    ≥60min/time

Compatible systems Windows/Mac OS/iOS/Android

Software programming Achieving the analogue simulation based on 3D visual PC software